Note: Only patients who are on the waiting lists of hospitals in the Montreal, Laval, Laurentians, Lanaudière and Montérégie regions can obtain their surgeries and/or digestive endoscopies at the clinic.
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Consultation in

Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgeons at OPMEDIC provide consultations and surgery services.  
Specializing in hand and skin surgery, especially those related to repair and reconstruction, are offered with the aim of restoring the appearance and normal physiological functions of the body following a malformation or trauma. 

Plastic surgery

The following surgeries are available:

Hand Surgery

  • Carpal tunnel surgery
    This procedure involves making an incision in the annular ligament that compresses the median nerve at the wrist. The aim is to relieve pain and numbness caused by compression of the carpal tunnel.

  • Trigger finger correction
    This surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and involves decompressing the tendon to restore finger dexterity and flexibility.

  • Synovial cyst excision
    This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and involves the removal of the synovial (or ganglion) cyst.

  • Dupuytren’s contracture repair
    This surgical procedure is performed on the palm of the hand under local anaesthesia. It is designed to relax the tissues of the palm to allow the hand to regain its flexibility and motor functions.

Skin Surgery

  • Excision of a naevus (moles) and/or skin cancer

  • Excision of a sebaceous cyst (lump or mass under the skin) with or without foul-smelling discharge

  • Excision of lipoma (lump or mass under the skin)

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