Ethic Committee

OPMEDIC’s Ethics Committee informs and advises clinicians and researchers, and protects the dignity, welfare and rights of patients and research subjects. As part of its mandate, the Ethics Committee is called upon to evaluate or suggest internal policies in accordance with professional ethics and applicable laws, to make recommendations to the Board of Directors, to make judgement calls on clinical cases, and to evaluate and approve research projects involving OPMEDIC Group. It is required to provide continual supervision. The work of OPMEDIC Group’s Ethics Committee is based on an open and dynamic relationship between its members and the Company’s staff members.

The permanent members are:
Marie-Josée Bernardi
. Ms. Bernardi is President of the Company’s Ethics Committee. She is also President of the Ethics Review Board for the Centre de Santé et des Services Sociaux de Saint-Jérôme (Quebec) and Vice-president of the Ethics Committee for the CHUM research centre. Ms. Bernardi is also substitute legal expert for the Ethics Review Board of the Health Sciences Department at the Université de Montréal. She has been practicing law for over 15 years and has a Master’s degree in Health Law.

Susan Bermingham, psychologist

Dr. Hélène Lavoie, endocrinologist. Has been with PROCREA Cliniques since 1998.

Louise Raymond, laboratory technician (retired). Ms. Louise Raymond, a former employee at PROCREA Cliniques, is now retired. She was Coordinator in the Fertility Laboratory for 15 years and is a pioneer for her involvement in creating the first sperm bank in Quebec.

Laura Robb, genetic counsellor. Ms Robb has over 15 years of experience as genetic counsellor.

Isabelle Turcot, public representative.

Yves Poirier, ethics counselor.